Revolution Chiropractic

Revolution Chiropractic is a chiropractic wellness center that is based in 8509 Jefferson Lane, North Maple Grove, Minnesota. The primary mission of the chiropractic center is to educate as well as empower individuals and families to exprience full and vibrant lifestyles by providing them various tools, services, and practical resources suitable for disease prevention and natural living. Revolution Chiropractic believes that the power that created the body will heal the body, therefore, by caring for their bodies the way God intended, people will be able to heal and prevent any disease.

The services of Revolution Chiropractic covers three areas, namely "align", "revitalize", and "restore":

Align - "Establishing the foundation for health and well-being"

  • Chiropractic Exam - the purpose of the exam is to determine the history of the patient's health history and areas of concerns, and this can be done via a thermal imaging of the spine that significantly helps in identifying the problem areas.
  • Chiropractic Adjustments - these include the use of a Vibe Platform, head weights, cervical traction, as well as wobble seats to help in correcting the spine to its optimal position.

Revitalize - "Going beyond the adjustment"

  • Functional Health Assessment - this appointment is for identifying the actual causes of the health problems, which includes the past and present exposures to harmful toxins.
  • Digestive Consultation - this appointment is for handling digestive compaints, and it provides certain strategies that are useful for digestive healing and repair.

Restore - "Healing the mind and body"

  • Raindrop Therapy - this is a technique that involves the combination of massage, reflexology, as well as essential oils being applied on various body parts to promote both cleansing and healing via energetic and structural alignment.
  • SoQi Session - this session makes use of the SoQi Bed, an innovative far-infrared sauna that has the capability to detoxify and relax the muscles of the patient, and it also uses warm far-infrared rays and the healing sounds of nature on a massage table.

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